ON THE WAY – Diary of a walker with no apparent purpose


Tanks to the help of Regione Lazio we have the number one of the new Interactive Diary of the Francigena Way.
The ancient road ‘Via Francigena’ takes you on a spiritual journey to Rome, proceeding onwards to Jerusalem. Whoever travels along this road will know they’re never alone. Every stone, piece of wood and tower retains an echo of the pilgrims’, Emperors’, Popes’ and Kings’ footsteps, who used to walk alongthis way.
This first edition from Acquapendente to the Gates of Roma, the Eternal City, offers multimedia storytelling and richness of historical sources. Involving horses, hostels and miracles, the narrative allows us to understand the true path of this young modern pilgrim. Wayfarers like him…following the steps of Sigerico.

Flaviano Bonetti,

Grazie al contributo della Regione Lazio esce il primo numero della nuova collana multimediale Lungo la Via – Diario interattivo sulla via Francigena.


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